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how to make money with linkbucks and facebook

First of all you need a linkbucks account, you can use my referal link so we both make profit:

You may not get this first try, it took me a while to figure it all out but i will guide you through it the best i can.

Creating The Page 

You Can Click Here


Go to the searchbar at the top and enter "Pages" and click the "Facebook Pages" option. You will be redirected to a series of pages and on the top right hand side there will be a button that says "Create Page" Click That
You will be brought to a "Create Page" and will have two sides One is "Official Page" and the other is "Community Page" for mine i did a community page because it was easier to make. Basically Enter the name of the page in the box and press "Create Community Page"

Okay so now your page is created. Now this part varies depending on what you will be doing, im going to show you how to do it for picture links, this will give you the general idea, and you can experiment to achieve what you want.

First off your going to want to make a custom tab. In order to do that you need to go Here and click "Add to my page" Under the image on the left side. A box will pop up and your page will be displayed. click the "Add to page" button and go back to your page.

(You can access your page anytime by entering the name of the page in the search bar, or by pressing "Ads and Pages" at the home page)

Click the "Edit Page" under the picture with the question mark (assuming this is a new page) and scroll down till you see "FBML - FBML. Underneath that you should see "Edit" "Application Settings" and "Remove Application". Press "Application Settings and beside Tab you should see "(add)" click add and click okay

Now press "Edit" Put the title of the tab in the top, and in the bottom you are going to place your code/information for the tab. These tabs work on HTML and CSS, as well as some facebook commands which can be found by typing in "FBML" into google.

(Please do not ask me for code, This is something you will need to learn yourself if you want to create more pages. If you need HTML and CSS tutorials go to Tiazag.com and they will give you a crash course.)

Hiding Content from Fans and Non Fans 

The main part to the fan page is the separation between what fans can see, and what non-fans can see. This is the tricky part and requires some trial and error.

Any code you want to hide from Non-Fans needs to be surrounded by 

<div style="height:300px;">
<---Code Goes Here--->
The "300px" needs to be experimented with (through trial and error) in order to fit all your information. This Div is used in the showing of the non-fan content (The larger the number, the more information allowed, the lower the number the less)

The <fb:visible-to-connection> basically makes that information unaccessable/unviewable by non-fans

Now in order to tell the person to "Like" your page you need to have text telling them. Copy and paste the following code at the end of your code but BEFORE THE </fb:visible-to-connection> and </div>

Press "Like" in order to see the photos!
It should look like:

Press "Like" in order to see the photos!
Now is the most crucial part. After you have done this, there will be a massive white space before the "Press "Like" in order..." and your going to want to eliminate this. in order to do so you are going to want to play with the height on the <div style="height:300px;">

If you find your information is cut off, make the number bigger. If not then leave it.

After you have done this copy and paste this at the top of the code:

h1 {margin-top:-270px; font-size:25px;}
What this does, is moves the phrase upwards and gets rid of the white space (also it makes the font size bigger) You want to keep the number NEGATIVE so that it moves up the page and not down, and you want to start off with a low number like 50, and slowly raise it until the phrase is in the desired position.

On the admin account Both fans and non fans data will be displayed so it is okay if they overlap. If you want to test and see if it is working use another account and like, and unlike it to the page.

to make like a Hyper link, Something like 'click HERE' And when the person clicks 'HERE' they will be redirected to the images you need to use This code:
HTML Code:
Click <a href="linkyouwannaberedirected" target="_blank">HERE</

or you can just make links in linkbucks, and post them on the internet
like these: 

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