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how to make money with linkbucks and facebook

First of all you need a linkbucks account, you can use my referal link so we both make profit:

You may not get this first try, it took me a while to figure it all out but i will guide you through it the best i can.

Creating The Page 

You Can Click Here


Go to the searchbar at the top and enter "Pages" and click the "Facebook Pages" option. You will be redirected to a series of pages and on the top right hand side there will be a button that says "Create Page" Click That
You will be brought to a "Create Page" and will have two sides One is "Official Page" and the other is "Community Page" for mine i did a community page because it was easier to make. Basically Enter the name of the page in the box and press "Create Community Page"

Okay so now your page is created. Now this part varies depending on what you will be doing, im going to show you how to do it for picture links, this will give you the general idea, and you can experiment to achieve what you want.

First off your going to want to make a custom tab. In order to do that you need to go Here and click "Add to my page" Under the image on the left side. A box will pop up and your page will be displayed. click the "Add to page" button and go back to your page.

(You can access your page anytime by entering the name of the page in the search bar, or by pressing "Ads and Pages" at the home page)

Click the "Edit Page" under the picture with the question mark (assuming this is a new page) and scroll down till you see "FBML - FBML. Underneath that you should see "Edit" "Application Settings" and "Remove Application". Press "Application Settings and beside Tab you should see "(add)" click add and click okay

Now press "Edit" Put the title of the tab in the top, and in the bottom you are going to place your code/information for the tab. These tabs work on HTML and CSS, as well as some facebook commands which can be found by typing in "FBML" into google.

(Please do not ask me for code, This is something you will need to learn yourself if you want to create more pages. If you need HTML and CSS tutorials go to Tiazag.com and they will give you a crash course.)

Hiding Content from Fans and Non Fans 

The main part to the fan page is the separation between what fans can see, and what non-fans can see. This is the tricky part and requires some trial and error.

Any code you want to hide from Non-Fans needs to be surrounded by 

<div style="height:300px;">
<---Code Goes Here--->
The "300px" needs to be experimented with (through trial and error) in order to fit all your information. This Div is used in the showing of the non-fan content (The larger the number, the more information allowed, the lower the number the less)

The <fb:visible-to-connection> basically makes that information unaccessable/unviewable by non-fans

Now in order to tell the person to "Like" your page you need to have text telling them. Copy and paste the following code at the end of your code but BEFORE THE </fb:visible-to-connection> and </div>

Press "Like" in order to see the photos!
It should look like:

Press "Like" in order to see the photos!
Now is the most crucial part. After you have done this, there will be a massive white space before the "Press "Like" in order..." and your going to want to eliminate this. in order to do so you are going to want to play with the height on the <div style="height:300px;">

If you find your information is cut off, make the number bigger. If not then leave it.

After you have done this copy and paste this at the top of the code:

h1 {margin-top:-270px; font-size:25px;}
What this does, is moves the phrase upwards and gets rid of the white space (also it makes the font size bigger) You want to keep the number NEGATIVE so that it moves up the page and not down, and you want to start off with a low number like 50, and slowly raise it until the phrase is in the desired position.

On the admin account Both fans and non fans data will be displayed so it is okay if they overlap. If you want to test and see if it is working use another account and like, and unlike it to the page.

to make like a Hyper link, Something like 'click HERE' And when the person clicks 'HERE' they will be redirected to the images you need to use This code:
HTML Code:
Click <a href="linkyouwannaberedirected" target="_blank">HERE</

or you can just make links in linkbucks, and post them on the internet
like these: 

wake induced lucid dreaming

Wake Induced Lucid Dreams - or the WILD technique - has been used by Tibetan monks for over a thousand years. It is one of the most powerful lucid dreaming techniques, leading to highly vivid dreams. Once you master it, this Mind Awake / Body Asleep method can help you lucid dream on demand.
The aim of the WILD technique is to fall asleep consciously, while observing and then interacting with your hypnagogic imagery. It is a very blissful state of being. You can achieve it naturally or with the aid of a lucid dreaming entrainment MP3 like the one featured above right.

How To Have Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

The best time to practice WILD is after 4-5 hours of deep NREM sleep, when your REM cycles become longer. Either set your alarm for the early morning, or tell yourself to wake up at a certain time while looking at your alarm clock. This works surprisingly well for me. Then follow these steps...

#1 - Relax Your Mind and Body

Wake Induced Lucid DreamsClose your eyes and lie on your back. Take three deep breaths in and out. Feel your body sinking into the bed, and let go of all the tension in your muscles. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation, and focus on your intention to control your dreams.
Allow any thoughts to pass you by, without interacting with them. Keep your body totally relaxed and still. Repeat over in your mind: "One. The next scene will be a dream. Two. The next scene will be a dream. Three..." etc. This will set your intention and keep your mind alert while your body slowly drifts back to sleep.

#2 - Observe Your Hypnagogic Imagery

Wake Induced Lucid DreamsAfter 5-10 minutes you will see hypnagogic imagery. This is the beginning of the dream state! Blobs of color will swirl around behind your closed eyelids. Observe it if you like, but also be aware of other sensations beyond your field of vision. Let your inner voice go quiet. As the dream state deepens, you will be aware of voices and sounds. This is normal - they are coming from inside your own head. Hold on to this state of blissful relaxation, while focusing on your intention to recognize the dream state when it occurs.

#3 - Fall Asleep Consciously

Remember you are tricking your body to fall asleep consciously. So hold on to that thin strand of conscious awareness as your mind goes deeper. This is the great secret of meditation. It is not easy at first, but practice makes perfect.
When your body falls asleep, you may hear a loud vibrating or humming sensation in your head. It's exciting at first, and may ruin your early attempts at the WILD technique. This is the point of transition: from waking to the dream state. If you try to move now, you may find your body has naturally entered sleep paralysis. This is normal and occurs every time you go to sleep - you just aren't usually aware of it. It's a weird sensation but nothing to worry about. Most people don't even notice this state when practicing Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.

#4 - Enter The Lucid Dream World

Wake Induced Lucid DreamsBy now, your mind is aware but your body is asleep. Whether you followed your hypnagogic imagery into the dream state, or the images came from beyond your natural field of vision, you will notice a dream scene emerging in front of you. There are two ways to enter your lucid dream now.
First, you can simply step into the picture, so that it becomes 3D around you. To do this, simply push your awareness deeper into the dreamscape.
Alternatively, you can "climb out" of your physical body. In your mind's eye, imagine you have two bodies; a physical body and a dream body. You can roll, sink, or float off the bed, but be careful not to move your physical body by accident. Or simply imagine yourself in a different location. This movement out of body is what finally releases you from the waking world to a lucid dream world.

Tips on How To Fall Asleep Consciously

The hardest part about Wake Induced Lucid Dreams is staying awake while your mind and body become completely relaxed. If you lose focus for just a few moments, you can fall asleep for real. However, with practice you will learn to maintain this mental state on the very edge of consciousness.
The WILD TechniqueThe hypnagogic state can be fascinating: the longer you observe the images, the more complex they will become. You will also feel peaceful and relaxed. You are literally watching your dreams take shape while you lie consciously in bed. The deeper you go, the less you will notice your body. Eventually, the dream will snap into being, like someone switching on a light. The images will no longer be behind your closed eyelids - but right there in front of you! Lucidity will be yours.
To help you stay conscious during the WILD technique, I recommend listening to the Lucid Dreaming MP3 by Unexplainable Store. It uses brainwave entrainment tones specifically designed to aid both MILD and WILD attempts. I find it excellent for inducing lucid dreams early in the morning from a waking state.